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There is no need to fit your business model into a predefined framework costing a lot of money whilst not providing you with the features you need. In some cases you may end up paying a lot more than you need to in the end. Our programming comes at a competitive price and is 100% custom.

The workflow


You tell us what you need, we show you the best possibilities within your time frame and budget. You choose.


You will be able to view the process with special access to your new application with a workflow timeline.


Within the test phase of a project you have time to evaluate the result and suggest improvements.


Even after launching your project, Giroteam stands by your side to get your business running.

What can we do?

From small plugins to large platforms, we take on any adventure. Our main backend skills are PHP, SQL Database and XML communication. For frontend development we use the languages HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.

How can we help you?

We can write 100% custom code for you. Some examples of custom coding include plugins for open source software like Wordpress or Drupal, mortage calculators for real estate agencies, database driven time tables for schools. Anything is possible. 

How does it work

  • Contact us and tell us what you need with a call or an email
  • We discuss design and technical suggetions with you
  • You pick a design or let us create one from scratch
  • We outline the process, completion time and make a cost estimate
  • You pay 50% deposit if estimated cost is above 500,00€
  • You review your functional website within the given milestone 
  • Adjustments are made if necessary
  • Optionally we integrate content you may have for you
  • Final payment must be done by you
  • Launch!

Some use cases

  • Customer logins
  • Administration panels
  • User interfaces for shops and games
  • Editable PDF form generators
  • Stock manager for companies and shareholders
  • Complete lottery gaming platform
  • Calculators of all sorts
  • PayPerCall and PayPerMinute APIs
  • Data administration tools
  • HTML editor plugins and extensions

How long does it take?

The duration of the project depends on the size of the project. To give you an example, a six page web business card is set up in a day if content is present. Setting up a ready out of the box open source project is a matter of hours or days. A fully custom webshop selling goods that need very specific online needs takes weeks or even months. Simply said the more complex the more time needed.

How much does it cost?

We have very fair prices! With our experience and the most efficient web technology, we are able to build applications and websites in no time. Less time means less money. However, to make an estimate cost of custom programmed applications or websites, we have to know what you need. To give you an idea, a business card could cost you as little as 120€, a wordpress plugin as little as 25€, a reinvention of the wheel could cost many thousands. Lastly it all depends on the complexity of your order.