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Web design trends in 2017

In the last years web design evolved to be more device friendly than ever and responsive web design has now become a standard. 

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Web design trends in 2017

Like the years before 2017 will take on trends from 2015 and 2016, but matured and developed with entirely new trends. See some of the trends coming up in 2017 below.


Interactive Storytelling

Storytelling with user interaction is a hot trend taken on in 2017. Using the newest animation technologies available the uniqueness of a web design has no ends. An amazing example of an interactive website telling a story is The Royal British Legion .

Material Design

Since 2014 flat designs have become more popular than ever and will continue in popularity throughout 2015 due to its flexibility on mobile devices. We may find in 2017 that more websites will combine their design with the so called ” Material Design ”. Its goals are to enforce core design principles creating a sort of visual language that every user understands combining design, innovation and science. Shortly, a beautiful design.


Small but effective, micro interactions help accomplish simple tasks with the least interaction while increasing user engagement. Look at Youtube for example. They use micro interaction by letting you vote, share, comment, report videos or add videos to playlist.

Less "Bla Bla"

Most people expect good information right on the spot. Tired of reading entire essay when the contents can be compiled to a couple of meaningful sentences. In 2017 we think we will see more websites cutting down on inessential elements like huge background images or in order to increase performance and simplicity. Since the trend was the opposite in the last years, websites that are less content heavy will stand out in future. 

Card Design

Like the name suggests a card design consists of cards. Basically is is really just a rectangular box containing related images, text, links, comments, feeds etc. and are typically an entry point for more detailed information. Cards always have a constant width and a variable height. They adjust perfectly to all devices and will be seen more often in 2017.

Eye catching designs

The ways in which websites catch the initial attention of a visitor underwent major changes. In 2017, the trend seems to be going to full size high resolution backgrounds like professional photography, videos or interactive, animated backgrounds replacing content sliders or galleries. Bringing all of the major trends into one piece on your index page can certainly reduce your bounce rate.


In recent years typography has become more attention. Developers have created many ways in which we can get the most of web fonts making them more responsive and functional across browsers and devices. With websites becoming more minimalist and responsive, typography will adapt to these trends in 2017. As a result, fonts will become larger and become a an important part of the overall design of websites.