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Shop Systems

Setting up a shop system is a breeze if you know how. Choosing an open source solution can dramatically reduce costs and save an incredible amount of time.
Managing your products with a shop system is very easy. With tons of configuration options you can give your products the details that they need.
Pick one out of thousands of templates or let us create a beautiful design for you. Of course we integrate the template of your choice into your shop system. 

Modules and Plugins
If you need additional features like calculators, converters, special details or any other modules or plugins to your webshop we can help you. Use additional and unique features to make your shop stand out from competitive shops.
Custom Programmed Webshop
Are you rather looking for something out of the ordinary and want a fully customized shop because your selling unique goods? No problem we can program a complete shop for you from scratch.

Shop Comparison

We compared some of the propeties of the most commonly used content management systems.

Hosted Self-Hosted Powered Stores Support Price
xt:Commerce 325,000+
Shopify 325,000+
Big Commerce 100,000+
Wix 300,000+
Squarespace 1.000,000+