Google analytics is a key factor in increasing your sales. With its powerful API you can track down where your visitors come from, which devices they use, which browsers they prefer, what is of interest to them and tons of other useful information. Below we explain some of the terms and mechanisms involved in website analytics.

Landing page

When you click on a link in an advert somewhere for example, the site you are lead to is usually a landing page. Landing pages are especially designed for specific audienceto lead them right to your products or whatever you want them to do. With a logicallywell designedlanding page or entrance page you will increase your conversion rate.


A hit is any request made to your website. Anything meaning any files requested from your website or better said the server your site runs on. This is why it is an inaccurate measure of website traffic. Many sites offer deals giving you 1000 hits for a dollar in one hour. You get the hits but your bounce rate will rise like a rocket because the quality of the visitors is very poor.


A visit is the time a user spends on your website looking at pages for a certain period of time. Usually the visit ends when visitor closes the browser, is inavtive for a certin amount of time or manually interruped the visit like clearing his cookies, restart or other things.

Average Pageviews

The number of pages that were viewed devided by the number of unique visitors is your average pageviews. This information complements the bounce rate and average visit time, so if you look at your pageviews take into account how high your bounce rate and average visit time is.

Bounce Rate

When a visitor only viewed one page no matter how long or how he left the page, that is a bounce. High bounce rates mean your initial webdesign does not seem to catch the visitors attention. If you have a high bounce rate over a reasonable amount of time, then you should rethink your webdesign. Look espeically at the bounce rate of your landing pages.

Conversion rate

If your selling goods or you want your visitors to do certain things on your site, then you should check the convenience in the design of your important pages. For example, a website selling goods, should have a clear list of details of these goods, along with clearly visible payment options, shipping information and item price.

Average Visit Time

The time a visitor stays on your site varies on your content of course. A quick information site will usually have low visitit times whilst real estate sites aim keep visitors on their site for longer. If you expect a higer time you should rethink the navigational structure of your website. It must be as easy and userfriendly as possible to navigate to the desired page.